Bonding with the Coach

Such a great description of a hairy, bear coach.... His entire upper body was coated in thick, dark fur. It started where his short haircut left off, covering the back of his tanned neck and thickening across his back and shoulders, obscuring a few tattoos he'd gotten some years before in his war days. Body heat and a ripe, musky odor emitted from him. A sure sign of an honorable, hardworking man. The acrid stench of his sweaty, hairy armpits teased my nostrils as I watched droplets of liquid run from under his arms down onto his furry chest, stewing his smells together into an intoxicating aroma. He finished scanning the paperwork, and let out a deep breath. He leaned back in his chair, lifted his big, furry arms behind his head, and swiveled around, face to face with me. I had to purposely avoid looking straight into his furry pits, which were inches from my face, in order to avoid exposing the boner in my gym shorts Bonding with Coach by

The Hairy Coach

A situation I would have liked to be in... As we all stretched, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy Coach Killian was. He was 5' 11" around 175 pounds and had a sexy dark complexion. He was also really hairy. I noticed how dark his legs were from all of the black hair that covered his tight muscles. His face was already covered with a dark outline even just a few hours after a morning shave.