3 thoughts on “Roger Estep – natural weightlifter, bodybuilder”

  1. He was probably more natural than what is happening today.
    Anyway, you win, because of your hairy fur collar!
    Love to see some more!

  2. Oh, on that we’re in full agreement. There’s guys at my gym hitting heavier cycles than the powerlifters and bodybuilers from the ’70s/80s (Estep’s era). I don’t object to a guy who’s naturally developed enhancing his look with a modest testosterone supplementation protocol, but when you’re using 5 needles a day for as many different hormonal compounds and insulin to boot, you’re definitely stepping into the land of overcompensation (which is never hot). Whatever your preference, you have to respect those dense blond whiskers on his upper lip.

    I liked your old blog and remember photos of gents with fur collars in dress shirts. I like that look as well, on myself and the very few others who can boast follicular growth below the Adam’s apple. Here’s another of me with said look:


    And a bonus circle beard (or goatee & ‘stache, for the purists) photo to cap it off:



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